who we are

Colleagues turned business partners. Artist collective turned creative agency. We’re lovers of music, supporters of the arts, and make one heck of a dream team.


Founder, Left-Brain Right-Brain Hybrid

Bri is a branding geek and loves developing out-of-the-box concepts. She fully immerses herself into projects and is steadfast about finding solutions that bring brands to the next level. Along with her business partner, Tosh, Bri strives to produce quality work and push clients to achieve their business goals.



Tosh is a level-headed collaborator that has the patience and persistence to lead any project from start to finish. Whether she’s producing events that celebrate women pioneers in hip-hop or creating launch plans for FDA-approved product launches, Tosh knows how to connect the dots.


Executive Assistant

Born and raised in Lynden, Washington, Giovanni has spent the last year keeping Bri and his Auntie Tosh on task. His passions include: “accidentally” deleting important emails, eating treats, practicing his Italian, and reading up on the latest truffle varieties.